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Circuit Breakers
Retrofit Vacuum Circuit Breakers

We manufacture our own range of ASTA Certified to IEC 60056 truck mounted Retrofit Vacuum Circuit Breakers that directly replace existing truck mounted Oil Circuit Breakers.
We retrofit the following truck mounted oil circuit breakers:
South Wales Switchgear C4X/C8X/D4X/D8X D4XD etc.
Brush VSI......R4/1, R4/2, VBA
Reyrolle LMT......LM23T, LMT2
Ferguson Pailin VSBP3, VSBP17
English Electric OLX
Switchgear & Cowans A4, FA4, UA4, UAE4, UA6
Statter AC01
Met Vic V2RH1S
Crompton Parkinson ULC1
British Thomson Houston B721
Johnson & Philips

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